Deer Creek Golf Cart Community Information
Posted on Jan 9th, 2020

Date: December 20, 2019
From: Deer Creek Highlands Homeowners Association
Subject: Golf Cart Community Status
Highlands Resident,
In 2018, a joint effort by the Deer Creek Highlands and the Deer Creek HOAs, began a research process around Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,381[1] which allows for development to be designated as a golf cart community. The Deer Creek community, SIDs 405, 499, and 574, in a joint effort of the homeowner’s associations, was granted approval on May 21, 2019 as a “Golf Cart Community” (Deer Creek Golf Car Ordinance) by the Board of County Commissioners for Douglas County.  This took a significant amount of coordination with the Douglas County Sheriff, SIDs, and various Douglas County departments.
There are several requirements to legally use your cart in the neighborhood, which are defined in the attached copy of the ordinance.  Any violations of the Ordinance will result in a fine and possible impoundment, so we suggest you make yourself fully aware of the Ordinance requirements and contact us with any questions.  Any person operating a cart is required to have a valid class O operating license and liability insurance coverage.  The parents of any underage driver will be ticketed for a minor operating a vehicle without a license.  The Ordinance only allows cart use in SIDs 405, 499, and 574 on the residential streets directly adjacent to the golf course and only from sunrise to sunset.  Please help us make this an enhancement to the neighborhood by making sure that all cart usage is within the requirements of the Ordinance.
It is also important to understand that this Ordinance does not allow any cart driver to drive on golf course property.  The Players Club has additional requirements in order to use your private cart while golfing and you must contact them for additional information.
We will be installing signage at all entrances and relevant locations to make all vehicular drivers aware that they may encounter a golf cart on the public streets in the community.  Please help us keep the neighborhood safe and fun and have a great 2020.
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