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Welcome to the Deer Creek Highlands website.  Our goal is to provide useful information as well gather the input of our homeowners.  
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Deer Creek Highlands Annual Board Meeting
Thursday, February 11th, 7:00 PM CST at The Players Club
Deer Creek Highlands Homeowners Association
Letter From The Board President
January 4, 2021

Hello Deer Creek Highlands Homeowners
I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well after this Holiday season.
The 2021 Annual Deer Creek Highlands Homeowners Association meeting is
scheduled for Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 7:00 PM at The Players Club clubhouse
ballroom. It is the Board’s wish that you will be able to attend the meeting so as many
Homeowners as possible can be there for this informative/questions and answers
The meeting will have updates on our HOA as well as the election of Board members
for the 2021 year. The current DCH HOA Board members are as follows:
Michael Purdy - President
Greg Ptacnik - Vice President
Steve Wruble - Treasurer
David Loschen - Member
Phil Lieber - Member
Chris Payne - Member
The Board needs one more Member to replace Chris Baranowski who resigned late this
year. The Board wishes to thank Chris for all the years of service on the Board.
Any Homeowner wishing to have their name added as a Board Volunteer to the ballot
needs complete the attached “Deer Creek Highlands Board Volunteer Form” and return
it to Beth Krolikowski as directed on the Form before 5:00 PM, Tuesday February 2,
2021 or complete the same Form on the web site before 5:00 PM, Tuesday February 2,
If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, you are encouraged to complete and
return the attached Proxy as directed no latter the 5:00 PM on Tuesday February 2,
Also included in this mailing, is your Annual Dues Statement for the 2021 dues.
Payments will be collected at the Annual Meeting for your convenience, or can be
mailed to PJ Morgan Real Estate, 7801 Wakeley Plaza, Omaha, NE 68114. Payments
are also accepted at WWW.pjmorgam.com. Dues are considered delinquent March 1,
Please be sure to check out the Deer Creek Highlands website
www.deercreekhighlands.com for current information on your DCH HOA. (Last years
meeting minutes, 2021 Annual Meeting agenda and proposed 2021 budget will be
available on the DCH HOA website two weeks prior to the meeting).
Also, on the Golf Cart Community designation, only individuals with driver licences can
drive golf carts on the public streets. We have had a lot of complaints of children driving
carts on the streets. Please, Homeowners do not let your kids (without a driver’s
license) drive a your golf cart on the streets.
Also attached is the “Deer Creek Highlands Homeowners Association Fine Schedule”
which went into affective January 1, 2020.
Please remember that any Exterior Improvement to your property needs to be approved
by the HOA Board prior to starting the work. This includes, but is not limited to, any
exterior structure(s) (decks, gazebo’s, pergola’s, etc.), patios, outdoor kitchens,
swimming pools, sports courts, play structures, flagpoles, new landscaping
(replacement of existing landscaping does not need approval), re-roofing, exterior
siding replacement, exterior painting, window replacement, drive way and sidewalk
replacement, etc. Basically any exterior improvement or replacement to the exterior of
your property needs to be submitted for approval. All requests for such Improvements
are to be made on the “Exterior Improvement Request Form”, a copy is attached for
your use or preferably on the Web Site under the Requests section.. A few
Homeowner’s have ignored this process in the past but starting back on January 1,
2020 this process will be enforced and fines will be accessed for noncompliant
Improvements. The Board only wants to maintain the quality of our development for all
the homeowners so please follow this process. We can usually process a request in a
few days and will work with Homeowners who’s projects fall into the gray areas of what
the Covenants will allow.
Also, the Board wants to thank the Homeowners for following the NO political signs this
election year. I believe we had almost a 100% compliance (with one exception of a sign
that went up three days before the election). The Board would like to remind the
homeowners, that yard signs are NOT allowed in front yards. Per the Covenants, yard
signs, are not allowed (as only one “For Sale” sign on an existing home is allowed and
one “For Sale” and one “Builder” sign are allowed on new construction). That includes
political, garage sale, re-roofing, remodeling, window replacement, landscaping,
cleaning services, etc. signs.
Snow Removal Etiquette: Although Douglas County does not prohibit (this is prohibited
by the City of Omaha) the removal of snow from private property on to the public rightof-
ways, the HOA Board would like to request that all Homeowners refrain from putting
snow from driveways and sidewalks into the street. For the safety of all our residents
the Board would like Homeowners and their snow removal people not to blow, push or
shovel snow into the streets as a courtesy to all our residents. Thank you for your
If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact m e at 402-616-
5354 or mpurdy@purdyandslack.com or Beth Krolikowski at 402-397-7775 or
Michael Purdy
DCH HOA Board President
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